Dwarf Iris Society

DIS Plant Sale

The DIS annual plant sale is a great way to acquire more interesting irises for your garden and to support the society. The sale is usually the best source for hard-to-find MDBs no longer available from commercial growers. It works like this: donors offer collections of irises they would like to offer for sale. The plant sale chair complies a list of collections and receives orders from buyers. Finally, donors ship their collections directly to the buyers, ensuring the freshest possible plants.

Sorry, the sale is limited to US addresses only.

Donors receive first opportunity to buy collections before the sale opens to the general membership.

Donors: If you have irises to donate, please arrange them into collections of 5–8 irises. (If you think more or fewer would be better for your collections, contact the plant sale chair.) Collections of MDBs or mixed collections including MDBs are preferred, but all types of irises are accepted. It is nice to give each collection a theme, like “historic dwarfs”, “Willott MDBs”, or “dwarf and median plicatas”. If you can offer multiples of the same collection, that is great! Please make a list of the collections you intend to offer and send the information to the plant sale chair, Elizabeth Rieniets, at plantsale@dwarfirissociety.org. The deadline for submitting your collection information is May 30.

Buyers: The general sale opens in June through the DIS website. The sale is open to DIS members only for the first two weeks, and then is opened to nonmembers. Nonmembers who wish to join DIS may purchase a membership along with their sale order. 

The sale closes in July, and orders will be shipped from donors directly to buyers by the beginning of August. DIS reimburses donors for postage.

Photo credit: Curtis Smith